Robert (Bob) A. Giacalone, Ph.D. is a professor who teaches and does research in the areas of business ethics, organizational behavior, and human resource management. His fellow academics would tell you that he is a recognized expert on behavioral business ethics, exit interviewing and surveying, workplace spirituality, impression management, employee deviance, and the role of changing values in organizational life. They would also tell you that he has authored/edited eight books and written over 100 articles, is the Co-Editor of the Ethics in Practice book series, serves on several journal editorial boards, has edited many special issues on business ethics. and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion.

But all of these credentials have little to do with The Essence of Living, which he sees as a way to share ideas on living joyously, finding meaning, and focusing on a life that really matters. This blog is about living, being, simple joys,  and escaping the cultural mindset that has us chasing phantoms that never bring us happiness.

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