One Scene Each Day

September 16, 2012 § 6 Comments

Artists have long understood the essential elements of life with seemingly greater ease than the rest of us. This is what gives them the ability to teach us so much about what brings us happiness. I have often watched a movie and thought, “yes, I get it now.” Whether it’s the meaning of commitment depicted in The Notebook, the inexplicable selflessness depicted in the final scene of Casablanca, or the meaning found in helping others depicted in Schindler’s List, movies have always taught me something about what real happiness is about.

Perhaps none more so than the film Cinema Paradiso, which tells the story of a little boy who loves the movies, and his relationship with the projectionist of the local theater who becomes a father figure to him. The theater is located in a small, conservative Sicilian town, where the church has mandated that the projectionist cut all of the love scenes the movies that are shown there. Many years pass, and the little boy becomes an adult, who moves to America and becomes a well-known film director. He achieves great financial success, yet he struggles with matters of the heart. He eventually receives news that his old friend, the projectionist, has died, and he returns to his village in Sicily to attend the funeral. He learns that the old man has left something for him: a single reel of film, with no title. In the final scene of the movie, we see the director sitting alone in a screening room to watch the reel that his friend has left him. What appears on the screen before him are all of those lost love scenes that had been cut from the movies all of those years ago, one after another. His friend has left him a beautiful collection of scenes filled with passion, love, kisses, and affection. We see the director crying with powerful emotion as he watches these scenes unfold, but we also see him smiling through his tears at this priceless gift of love.

Do you want to be truly happy? Don’t wait to watch the reel of love that’s been given to you. Watch it now, and every single day! Replay each and every joyful moment, relive each embrace, and remember every sign of affection. Do this while you are working, before you go to sleep, and when you wake up. Remember to feel gratitude for all of the people who played a role, and always remember to thank them.

Most importantly, remember to leave a lovely reel of film each day for others as well—a reel of love that no one can ever take away. They will forget their birthday presents. They will forget what was under the Christmas tree. But the reel of love is never forgotten. The memories are replayed in ones mind and they become a warm blanket on a cold night. Each day, resolve to leave behind a wonderful scene for someone– a loving moment for them to replay.

When you live this way, you will experience joy you have never known.


§ 6 Responses to One Scene Each Day

  • judi says:

    THis is profound. I will try.

    • ragiacal says:

      Thanks. It’s worth a try. Remember–every scene you see in a movie often had multiple takes. So it is in life. Try. Then try again. And then once more. Even one good scene is the accomplishment of a lifetime.

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  • Yesterday I captured your sentiment. It’s one I know well but with the busy lives we lead we can forget. My children came for our weekend dinner and my Emily left her Fb open. As some say, a social media tool, but in that moment a remider. I flipped through her albums, and centered on what she titled – family. In less than a minute the pictures ran across my computer screen- pictures of our vactations, the delapidated minivan, the cabin without a tolilet, LA broke and shoved inot a second-rate hotel, our dinners, the holidays . . . but our history. It is a history of love and connection and in a minute I was remided. With my eight demanding grandbabies running amok, smearing pasta on my leather couch, I recalled this post you wrote, and I smiled. Thank you

  • sreekuttan a says:

    Replay each and every joyful moment, relive each embrace!!great. I liked it. thank you so much.

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