Miracle of the Day

March 4, 2012 § 6 Comments

There are days when I get up in the morning, and I’m not quite sure why I’m around. Don’t get me wrong; my life is fine. I have my issues like everyone else, but I wouldn’t trade my life for someone else’s. Still, I sometimes wonder exactly what it is that I am really here for. After all, I’m just a small guy in a big world filled with problems; a small guy who sometimes doesn’t seem to possess the mental muster to see an opportunity, or the physical strength to carry on through a day. I am not sure if I’ll ever have the spunk or the smarts to figure out why I am here.

And yet, what I’ve come to understand is that figuring it out on my own is actually unnecessary. This is because each and every day, I know I am going to encounter a miracle. You read it correctly: a miracle. Each day, this mysterious universe that we live in is going to hand me the miracle of the day— and when it does, that miracle will tell me why I’m here.

Every day, there is something that crosses my path, explaining my assigned job in great detail. This description is much like the opening scenes in Mission Impossible: “Your mission, Bob, should you decide to accept it, is to…” So begins a miracle I am being asked to participate in. Each day the miracle is different; it can be small or large. Help this person. Sit with that person. Say something meaningful to that person. Each day, it’s a matter of dealing with tears or smiles, victory or loss, intelligence or stupidity. I never get to choose. Those who make the recordings decide; I am just a servant.

You may ask why I would spend any of my time doing this for people. I do it because it’s my job. I do it because they need me. I do it because I can remember what it felt like when I needed someone, and that someone showed up. I know the feeling of being pulled out of a dark well by a stranger and taking a fresh look at the sun. I know what it feels like when people follow their instructions to help me, even when they have nothing to gain. I can also remember what it felt like when I needed someone who did not show up. I never want to be the person who the missed the appointment and undid the miracle that was meant for that day.

So, why are you around? I realize that the answer is complicated, but believe that one significant reason is to listen for your tapes to arrive, and then follow your orders. It’s to do something for someone else, even if your mission of the day is simply to plant a seed. It’s to understand that while it’s impossible to truly change another person, the impossible is not your mission. It is simply doing what you’ve been asked to do today. Let go. Listen to your heart, and to the tapes the Universe has handed to you.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to follow the orders, and in so doing, experience the miracle of the day.

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§ 6 Responses to Miracle of the Day

  • David says:

    Great post, Bob. Too often we forget about all miracles in our life; both the giving of them and the receiving of them. And too often I forget what a miracle life is and how incredible this creation is. Thanks for reminding me….David

  • 1amj1 says:

    Nice, “Mr. Phelps”…. Not mentioned in your discourse Bob, is the possible reason we are here to serve is more about learning to love ourselves than it is about loving others. In my “Have Mercy” post I resonate with you a little differently, “Having mercy is an opportunity each of us faces every day. Whether it is the choice we make in how we handle an aggressive telemarketer on the phone, a grumpy argumentative old guy in the check out line, or an aging appliance beginning to falter. How I am is who I am. Having mercy in a moment is as much about the care and consideration I have for myself as it is for another.” integratedmedPhiladelphia@blogspot.com
    I like your take on it, and of course the Mission Impossible frame is a delight. Carry on….

  • Mary Nobrega Tyler says:

    Loved your post! I was captivated by Mission Impossible when I was young – with all its mystery & excitement, so I really connected with your analogy. Thanks for your help in cultivating in me a greater sense of mystery, excitement, anticipation, and wonder!

  • Jody Fry says:

    Bob, there could be no better description of personal spiritual leadership in action – Hope/faith in a vision of service to others through altruistic love.

  • […] It’s about you (as the leader) listening to your inner guidance, so you can render everyday miracles to the people in your care. This then is the essence of leadership – to share with others the […]

  • Arlee Birda says:

    I can so relate to what you’re saying here. So many lug the negative on their shoulders and miss out on the meaning and experience of the mission as you have aptly described it. As is said, life is what we make it. It’s a choice we all have to make.

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